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4 Tips to Transition Your School Online Part 2
June 10, 2021

School districts are now figuring out how to best leverage online learning for their students and teachers. Many schools are embracing hybrid and fully online options. Before the pandemic, many teachers had never taught entirely online—and they’re concerned [1]. Over a year later, many educators, students, and parents still don’t completely understand the benefits of technology and using it as a learning tool.   

Transitioning to online learning was once thought of as controversial, or as a solution for only certain parts of curricula. It is now vital for every offer. If you’re struggling to figure out the next move for your students, here are four essential tips to transition smoothly to an online platform:   

1. Clear Communication   

Our first tip is to plan and execute a communication plan. Select a manageable number of communication channels for your organization and communicate “how to communicate.” Be as transparent as possible when discussing with students and peers.    

Continuously communicate, using those channels only, during the transition. Model the behavior you want your learners to have and stick to the protocols you have delivered. Be sure to set expectations that instructors hold virtual office hours and understand protocols for communication with learners.  Also, make sure to use engaging communication methods like chat and video conferencing.  

2. Set Clear Learning Objectives and Expectations   

Be upfront about learning objectives for each course. Doing this will allow you to prioritize materials and experiences that must be immediately available online – and those that can transition later. Keep in mind that you may need to ask instructors to revise syllabi to meet critical objectives, rather than a schedule that made sense only for on-ground programs.    

Succinctly list your expectations for students to meet the objectives. These must include active engagement. Supporting students online will require different or new methodologies for you. Make sure to create a template for your instructors that records if students are being encouraged to meet learning objectives.   

3. Make the Shift Simple    

This transition to entirely online or hybrid learning can be challenging to adjust to; however, it’s entirely possible to do so. Our next tip is to try and make this shift as simple as possible. Offering empathy and understanding for others is a positive step. Try sharing tips and advice for staying connected and optimistic. 

Professors have been adding personalization to help make lectures more personal and fun—a New York University professor added in song breaks in-between lessons [2]. Try including random facts, breaks, and other opportunities to make light of the situation or bring in a feeling of togetherness for your students.     

4. Setting Up Shop—Choosing Your Platform   

The last tip is to decide on a platform that provides all the essentials for a productive online learning environment. When identifying technology toolkits, start by listing your in-person resources and determine which will have online counterparts.     

These might include white papers, chalkboards, lecture slides, etc. These may transition to digitized static materials, streamed or recorded discussions, and streamed or recorded digital chats. Determine the technical capabilities of your instructional staff. Then estimate how much IT or vendor support is needed to get set up.  

Make sure your support plan takes you through the semester.    

How Can Schools Easily Launch an Online Learning Platform That Supports Hybrid and Remote Learning?  

Transitioning your school online can provide a multitude of benefits. With an online platform that is designed specifically to improve engagement and learning outcomes your students can recover from lost learning quickly.  

Here are some key elements that online learning programs and platforms need to support hybrid teaching:   

  • Custom branded platform and content specific to each district or school 
  • Turn-key systems capable of immediate implementation with no learning curve  
  • Engaging delivery methods to keep students interested in learning, including discussion post capabilities  
  • Easy integration with other learning tools 
  • Video sharing capabilities  

Partnering with a company that provides a world-class online learning platform is of the utmost importance to transition to an online teaching model and improve the learning experience of your students. One platform that can be used interchangeably and works to help teachers free up time to focus on individual learning will help recover learning and focus on students who require extra help.   

Amesite Offers a Single, Easy to Use, Scalable Solution   

Launch a system that helps recover learning loss, engages students, and elevates your schools' in-class and online learning experience by having one powerful customized platform instead of multiple confusing apps.   

Our company offers an online program to shift your curriculum online quickly. Amesite meets 100% of your technology and service needs! We offer a smooth transition that includes content conversion, online dashboards, and a fully responsive site that works on all devices.  

Schools and their teachers gain access to a series of helpful features and functionalities upon signup with Amesite that will help with recovery of lost learning and easily transition to school online: 

  • Launch in 24-hours - without requiring additional staff or IT assistance 
  • Powerful best-in-class technology that offers all tools in one place 
  • Easy integration - easy and intuitive design providing retention 
  • Customizable and branded platform 
  • Custom curated content 
  • Data analytics

Amesite is a high-tech AI-powered online learning environment. Amesite offers a single, easy-to-use, scalable solution for transferring your entire curriculum online. Amesite offers a completely customizable online learning environment branded to your school and works diligently with you to meet your school's unique needs.  

Amesite easily integrates with existing educational tools and systems. It enables integrating best-in-class third-party tools and custom-built features such as leading calendar platform integrations and high quality, encrypted video calling and discussion post capabilities. Amesite simplifies hybrid and online teaching by creating one powerful platform that students and teachers use for class spanning from video conferencing to submitting homework.   

Amesite offers course creation services built by subject matter experts that meet state standards in addition to a unique custom environment and easy integration. Schools and their teachers can feel confident that their course content is made with the most up-to-date information and curated with ease of learning and teaching in mind. With over 98% retention of learners across all of its programs, Amesite gives customers an online solution for delivering hybrid learning that works.     

Let Amesite help your school make the transition to hybrid and online learning easy! Request a Demo!    

Check out some of our customer success stories: The Henry Ford,Wayne State University.    

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