5 Emerging IT Trends in Higher Ed
June 18, 2021

Technological advances are shaping the future of education. The global shift to online learning accelerated the adaptation of these technological advances into this traditional sector. As a result of the transformation of technology, 5 IT trends have emerged in higher education.  

These 5 emerging IT trends in higher education are: 

  1. A surge in demand for online class options  
  1. A rise in video conferencing in schools 
  1. An increase in the development and use of Augmented and Virtual Reality 
  1. A bolstered network for students 
  1. An increased number of schools choosing to partner with LMS companies 

A surge in demand for online class options is being seen in the higher education community. Before Covid, the majority of institutions had no online programs developed at all [1]. However, large institutions sprang into action to accommodate the changes required to support student and faculty safety, and classes moved online. After over a year of online courses, convenience is something many learners are unwilling to give up. Online courses allow busy professionals to upskill in their free time, enable single mothers to finish their degree after they put the children to bed. They allow traditional-aged students to save money and live at home while going to school. Whatever the motivation, it is clear the online classes provide the flexibility that traditional courses lacked, and demand for this option is not going anywhere.  

A rise in video conferencing in schools allowed professors to connect better with students in online situations. This trend has helped curb the isolation that many students and teachers experience with online courses. Video conferencing in schools globally has become a top way to communicate over the past year and will continue well into the future. As video conferencing develops to meet advancing needs, the programs will become more sophisticated, collaborative, and authentic. These advances will contribute to richer interactions and conversations on the platforms [2].  

An increase in the development and use of Augmented and Virtual Reality [3] is a trend that will see significant advancements in the near future. This is a massive step for technology-aided education. This trend is important for education because students who do not have access due to location, funds, danger, etc., can experience certain situations previously unavailable to them. For example, in a virtual reality lab course, students can perform dangerous or expensive experiments and see the outcomes while staying safe. In addition, virtual reality and education will expose an entire generation to STEM fields with engaging and fun platforms.  

Higher education will invest in a bolstered network for students. As more students rely on laptops and tablets, schools will need to step up to the plate and offer these tools or ways to discount them. Access to the primary tool required for education at this time will be paramount for schools to provide equal access to their offerings.  

On top of providing more devices to students, an emerging trend that falls under this category includes providing greater access to Wi-Fi to students on campus [4]. Free Wi-Fi is now a common practice and one which many schools set up during the pandemic if they did not have the infrastructure previously. This access to WI-FI in public spaces around the university is a trend that will continue to expand as school is decentralized around campus and online education takes a more prominent role.  

The last emerging trend in higher education is that universities will establish partnerships with companies that can make their transition to online learning more manageable. A partnership is a valuable investment because it reduces the IT burden of the school. The right partner can make a work of difference to a university [5].  

How Can Your University Partner with a Company to Provide an Online Learning Platform Easily and Quickly?  

The right partnership will provide your university with a robust online learning platform. It will also help create custom courses of all different formats to provide your university with numerous revenue sources. Making sure your school can offer online courses that are run and delivered using best practices is paramount in the competitive arena higher education is in right now. With enrollment rates down, any value proposition is worth the investment. Currently, the foremost opportunity to attract students is a robust online educational experience. Deciding which company to partner with is a very important step.  

When searching for a partner, look for an online learning platform provider that offers these key features:   

  • Custom branded platform 
  • Custom and relevant content 
  • Turnkey platform and programs that require no training to start 
  • Fully managed, requiring no IT or admin staff to implement 
  • Easily scalable and globally accessible 
  • Efficiency in all systems using AI and advanced technology 
  • An intuitive design that increases engagement, attracts learners, and builds community 
  • Flexible and capable of supporting many online revenue streams 
  • A value proposition that sets you apart from your competitors  

Picking the right partner for your university is the most critical decision you can make. This type of partnership can raise the value of your university and attract students.  

Amesite Offers a Single, Easy to Use, Scalable Solution  

Launch an online learning platform to add value, attract students and increase revenue!   

Amesite delivers a high-tech AI-enabled online learning platform, creates scalable, custom-branded learning environments, and curates content using experts in the industry that follow best practices, meeting your university's unique needs. A host of self-paced, highly engaging, and intuitive courses can be ready for your university in as little as 30 days.   

Amesite can provide your university with numerous revenue streams using turnkey, intuitive micro-credentials, summer camps, and alumni upskilling programs, as well as traditional online course curriculums. All of which require no training to use and allow your university to take full advantage of the immediate needs that these programs satisfy. Amesite is a budget-conscious choice because the is no investment in IT staff or training required to use the platform.     

Amesite's system uses established social media formats to help learners access the content in a familiar setting. These mechanisms streamline the learning process. Amesite's platform also gives users the experience of learning with a community, a valuable addition to the online education experience. Engaging features like video chat and live streaming connect instructors and other students virtually to enhance and solidify learning.  Amesite has an outstanding and industry-leading 98% retention rate.    

A partnership with Amesite is an investment into your university's future. Request a Demo! 

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