5 Key Requirements for SaaS Platforms that Are Future-Ready
December 1, 2021

To ensure you are ready for the future, you must begin by preparing today. Is your organization qualified to be at the forefront of the industry? The needs of tomorrow should be your focus today. The most pressing disruption for businesses across the globe is digital technologies, and those difficulties are not going away. Companies that lack a digital core will not have the connectivity to make it in our digital sphere. To stay on the winning side of technology, reaching and connecting to your audience is imperative. SaaS platforms allow organizations to decrease costs, quickly implement digital innovations, improve IT functionality, and scale up when needed.  

It is up to business leaders to embrace the opportunities that disruption brings or risk falling behind competitors. According to Deloitte, “we can expect the digital challenges ahead to be huge. Increasing connectivity, rising customer expectations, new layers of transitions enabled by the “Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and exploding amounts of data bring new demands” [1]. To overcome these challenges, businesses and organizations must have strong innovation at the core. Creative digital solutions that respond to your organization’s unique needs and are aligned with the highest industry standards provide you with a competitive advantage. The flexibility offered by a SaaS program allows you to adapt quickly amidst disruptions.  

Implementing Innovation 

The opportunities afforded by planning and harnessing disruptions will make your organization soar and keep the competition at bay. Accessing the information and data that will intelligently make a difference in your organization allows you to accurately project the needs that must be filled. Unlocking data-indicated problems will transform your business to create solutions proactively. To succeed, you need a SaaS platform that works with you while your organization continues to grow and expand.  

No matter what industry you are in, growth is the ultimate indicator of success. Often, we see growth as a complicated and messy process, but a SaaS platform that consolidates the different sides of your business and supports you in real-time enables you to make the most of the valuable time and resources you have. Simplifying and streamlining processes let you focus on what needs your attention the most, especially when the urge to overcomplicate and heavily customize looms. Rely on simple cloud-based services backed by leading research and learning theory to help your teams prepare for the future of work. 

These are the 5 key requirements for SaaS platforms that are future-ready: 

1. Outstanding Cloud Architecture 

A cloud-based SaaS platform is scalable, customizable, and offers continuous launch capabilities. With outstanding cloud architecture, your business will effectively deliver high-quality online programs. As your business expands and the number of learners you have increases, your SaaS platform will grow with you. 

2. Easy to Use 

A SaaS platform that is easy to use will result in unparalleled learning experiences for your workforce. Your employees will learn faster and more effectively, saving your business money.  

3. Actionable Insights

Advanced data analytics track and improve learning outcomes – allowing organizations to make informed and data-centric decisions. Using a global dashboard, you can track and monitor the progress of each learner as well as the progress of the whole group. 

4. Leverage the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

AI technology makes enterprise learning low cost and scalable. With AI, SaaS learning platforms deliver engaging experiences that enable employees to interact and access fresh, relevant content that enhances their learning experience.  

5. Outstanding Performance 

The key to an effective SaaS learning platform is high retention rates. Amesite has an unparalleled 98% retention rate across all industries and learning products. Outstanding performance will give your business confidence knowing you are using the best SaaS platform for your organization.  

Working together with a leading SaaS platform helps you push the boundaries of your industry while getting ahead of the unavoidable disruptions. Aligning with leading industry practices gives your team the necessary tools to innovate and accelerate. The leap to a SaaS platform can feel like one into the digital unknown, so find a platform that meets your needs and can also elevate your organization to the digital cloud.  

Amesite offers a single, easy-to-use, scalable SaaS solution that will help prepare your organization for the future! 


[1] “Deloitte Accelerated Value: SAAS Innovation for the Digital Core.” Deloitte, 2017.