AI is Changing E-Learning. Should Your School Make the Switch?
February 9, 2021

The one size fits all teaching model is one of the past. Catering to the average student neglects learners who are statistically located in the top and bottom 10% of the class [1]. These two groups are both unable to reach their full potential due to the current structure of education. The solution to this dilemma is providing personalized learning. How do you accomplish this? The answer is simple - with AI learning technology.  

The sudden, forced transition to online learning prompted by COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to shift to an online learning platform where AI can be leveraged to more effectively support your student body's individual learning needs. Having an AI-enabled learning platform will provide numerous benefits to your teachers and students, including: 

  • Flexible learning schedules 
  • Custom curated content that pulls up-to-the-minute relevant and high-quality information into the course
  • More efficient studying through personalization 
  • Automated administrative tasks  

Having an AI-enabled platform that supports competency-based learning is the future of education. Competency-based learning is a flexible learning schedule based on personal mastery of a subject rather than the static timely progression through a course [2]. A platform whose technology and content can support personalization by assessing and delivering the course work a student needs at the right time will provide a great user experience and keep engagement high. It will also increase the retention of knowledge by focusing on content relevant to the learner and building new knowledge at the right time.  

AI technology can accurately predict when students are ready to progress in their course or keep practicing the current topic to enable complete understanding before moving forward. Building a solid foundation of knowledge keeps students from losing interest in the subject matter. It also keeps students from stagnating on already mastered skills and getting left behind if they need more time with a specific topic.

Customized content that pulls up-to-the-minute relevant and high-quality information into the course is a revolutionary change in education. The days of districts buying new textbooks every year as information changes and teaching techniques improve or of students using outdated textbooks are over. Having the most up to date information at their fingertips, students will stay more engaged and interested in their courses.  

Using an AI technology-enabled learning platform achieves more efficient studying results. AI technology analyzes the nuances of each student's learning and studying habits. After assessment of the data, the course can adjust to fit the studying needs of each student. If a student struggles with a specific topic, the AI-enabled platform can offer additional studying materials on in-need topics. If visual content works better for students' comprehension than textual content, it can be the provided means of information when possible. Suppose a student learns best using flashcards over traditional study guide outlines. In that case, the AI technology can recognize that and make useful suggestions for their upcoming exams about which ways to study. AI technology platforms will learn the ways your students learn best and use that to help them succeed. This information about the students can be compiled and synthesized into actionable insights for teachers to use to tailor their teaching techniques to meet their students' needs better.  

Another beneficial aspect of AI technology for teachers is task automation. An AI platform can grade homework assignments and tests for teachers. AI can also provide students with answers to commonly asked questions 24-7, so even when teachers are unreachable, a student can still get some form of help and feedback.  

The goal of AI in education is not to replace teachers; it is to help enrich their teaching experience. The information that AI can provide teachers with can be invaluable. The personal insights into their pupils can allow teachers to help students where they need it. Automation can provide teachers with much-needed extra time to spend with their students one-on-one.  

It is time to change the way students are taught. Schools need to move away from the one size fits all model and implement the personalized learning model enabled by AI. 

How Can Amesite Help Your School? 

Amesite is a high-tech AI-powered online learning environment. Amesite offers a single, easy to use, scalable solution for transferring your entire curriculum online. Amesite's learning platform is customized to fit your school's individual needs regarding platform features and content creation.  

Amesite's AI-powered online learning environment provides a flexible and personalized learning journey for your students, meeting their unique needs. The course content is AI-supported and pulls up-to-the-minute relevant and high-quality information into the course. Through advanced AI and data analytics, Amesite's platform will revolutionize teaching and learning for your schools and help students during this crucial time in education. Amesite works diligently to provide your teachers with the ability to best educate their students by freeing up their time using automation and providing them with personalized insights.  

The platform's AI integration is a massive driver for student success in conjunction with the easy to use and intuitively designed interface that your teachers and students can start using right away with little to no learning curve. The social media-inspired design will keep students engaged and the learner experience high throughout the learning journey. A purposefully designed interface enabled with AI is what your schools need to level up their teaching abilities during a very crucial time in history where teachers and students need every bit of help they can get.  

Make the switch and let Amesite help your school today. Request a Demo!  


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[2] US Department of Education. Competency-Based Learning or Personalized Learning. Accessed Feb. 5, 2021.