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Learning Beyond the Classroom | Hybrid
March 3, 2021

Many schools in the United States are practicing "hybrid learning," which is the mix of in-person and online education. The ratio of this combination is in constant fluctuation based on local COVID-19 infection rates and the concerns and compliance of the staff, students, and parents relating to returning to the school. Hybrid learning hopes to offer the in-person benefits of school while minimizing risk for teachers and students. In-person instruction is used to provide needed instruction to allow students to complete schoolwork at home with more clarity. In-person classes also aim to provide the much-needed social aspect of school that many students and teachers are in dire need of experiencing.  

A common plan for hybrid learning implementation "is that half of a schools' students will be in class two days a week, and then the rest of the week they'll work online from home while the other students attend class, with schools closed one day each week for deep cleaning" [1]  

Here are some of the critical components of a high-functioning hybrid teaching model:  

  • An online learning platform
  • Individualized learning
  • Project-based learning
  • Teacher-created video [2] 

A robust online learning platform "is the backbone of a hybrid learning environment. It provides a location-independent place for individualized student assignments, instructional resources, assessments, links to online curricula, and a hub for student-teacher interactions and student collaborations" [3]. An online learning platform is very important for supporting education when students are working from home and can provide "the greatest benefit if fully used for students' in-class days as well" [4]. Integrating the online platform with in-person learning can create a seamless educational experience that allows a single superior system for tasks like submitting work, taking assessments, and accessing education material that heightens both learning experiences.  

Hybrid education can provide the opportunity for individualized instruction and get struggling students the one-on-one help they need. 

Project-based learning allows students to collaborate with teachers to work on projects that further their education while stimulating their interests. Project-based learning is founded on the idea that "students will develop personal investment in the material if they engage in real, meaningful tasks and problems" [5], which will drive learning and knowledge retention. Hybrid instruction allows teachers to pursue this project-based method of teaching. Project-based learning is an essential aspect of hybrid education because it helps curb learning loss.   

Teachers who make videos of their lessons and post them on the online learning platform allow "students to view [the videos] at their own pace, both at school and home" [6]. Viewing the videos on their own time frees up class time that would be spent lecturing, allowing teachers to work with small groups or with individual students.   

An online learning software can help blend in-person and online learning and create a better learner and teacher experience.  

How Can Schools Easily Launch an Online Learning Platform That Supports Hybrid Teaching? 

COVID-19 changed education as we knew it. Online classes and blended hybrid classes are here to stay. A "survey conducted through the new American School District Panel shows 1 in 5 districts are considering, planning to adopt or have already adopted a fully online school in future years. One in 10 has adopted blended or hybrid instruction or plans to" [7]. These numbers will only increase as online education is proven to work as well, if not better than in-person classes for most students when the correct online learning platform is used to support education. The answer to easily launching an online learning platform that supports hybrid teaching is - source an online learning platform provided by a company capable of delivering world-class custom-tailored platforms and content to your school.  

Here are some key elements that online learning programs and platforms need to support hybrid teaching:  

  • Custom branded platform and content specific to each district or school
  • Turn-key systems capable of immediate implementation with no learning curve 
  • Engaging delivery methods to keep students interested in learning, including discussion post capabilities 
  • Easy integration with other learning tools
  • Video sharing capabilities 

Partnering with a company that provides a world-class online learning platform is of the utmost importance to support a hybrid teaching model and improve the learning experience of your students. One platform that can be used interchangeably and works to help teachers free up time to focus on individual learning will help recover learning and focus on students who require extra help.  

Amesite Offers a Single, Easy to Use, Scalable Solution  

Launch a system that helps recover learning loss, engages students, and elevates your schools' in-class and online learning experience by having one powerful customized platform instead of multiple confusing apps.  

Schools and their teachers gain access to a series of helpful features and functionalities upon signup with Amesite that will help with recovery of lost learning and improve their hybrid teaching model, including:     

  • Launch in 24-hours - without requiring additional staff or IT assistance
  • Powerful best-in-class technology that offers all tools in one place
  • Easy integration - easy and intuitive design providing retention
  • Customizable and branded platform
  • Custom curated content
  • Data analytics 

Amesite is a high-tech AI-powered online learning environment. Amesite offers a single, easy-to-use, scalable solution for transferring your entire curriculum online. Amesite offers a completely customizable online learning environment branded to your school and works diligently with you to meet your school's unique needs. Amesite easily integrates with existing educational tools and systems. It enables integrating best-in-class third-party tools and custom-built features such as leading calendar platform integrations and high quality, encrypted video calling and discussion post capabilities. Amesite simplifies hybrid teaching by creating one powerful platform that students and teachers use for class spanning from video conferencing to submitting homework.  

Amesite offers course creation services built by subject matter experts that meet state standards in addition to a unique custom environment and easy integration. Schools and their teachers can feel confident that their course content is made with the most up-to-date information and curated with ease of learning and teaching in mind. With over 98% retention of learners across all of its programs, Amesite gives customers an online solution for delivering hybrid learning that works.    

Let Amesite help your school make the most out of your hybrid learning today. Request a Demo!   

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