Remote Work Pro Tips from Amesite
Jul 16 2020

Tip #1: Designate an area in your home that as your workspace. Invest in equipment/furniture that supports your productivity. And make use of equipment programs that cost-share or that help you be productive!

Tip #2: We know that urgent work comes up (i.e. when 300M kids are suddenly trying to learn online and you're an online learning company) but blocking times for tasks will keep you on track. And be sure to delegate when you'll be out of office!

Tip #3: Be as transparent as your organization permits! Amesite believes that bringing your whole self to work is great! Calibrate with your manager, and communicate — otherwise, they'll assume everything is perfect.

Tip #4: It's easy for an 8 hr day to become a 10 hr day. Set a timer if you miss lunch or work long hours unintentionally. Also, instead of browsing the internet on breaks sitting in the same position and staring at the same screen, get up and move!

Tip #5: Keep a journal or list of what you've accomplished, & prioritize for tomorrow. Tracking your accomplishments will make you feel better. Communicating your accomplishments builds the trust and respect needed for your remote team to be successful!

Tip #6: As an employer, reminding your remote teams that they are valued and appreciated is vital. Maybe buy each of your teammates a house plant to brighten up their workspace and remind them they are supported! Ours arrived last week :)

Tip #7: Designate 10 minutes a day for "chit-chat". This is a great way to build a sense of community and camaraderie with remote teams. We host "Remote Joe" daily and encourage teammates to show up, have a coffee or tea & talk about anything they'd like!