University Presidents: You Can Spearhead Professional Learning that Drives Revenue 
July 27, 2021

The higher education sector requires an infusion of revenue – and fast. The average aggregate decline in revenues across 2020 and 2021 is estimated at a dramatic 14%, totaling a whopping $183 billion in lost revenue by the beginning of 2021 [1]. To survive, universities must innovate and leverage a market that has a high demand for education at this time— the alumni market. 

Alumni markets are 20x the size of undergraduate markets [2]. If your university is not leveraging its relationship with alumni, it is losing substantial potential revenue. The opportunity cost is high and cannot be ignored. The large unaddressed demographic of professional learners is in dire need of non-credited educational opportunities that fit into their busy schedules and offer value through short-form content courses. The demand for these types of flexible and accessible online professional programs is clear — 60% of employees reported to PWC that they believe their skill sets will be out of date within 3-5 years [3]. So, how can your university meet the needs of the professionals looking to upskill—the answer is with launching professional programs on in-demand topics that professionals desire.  

Professional programs provide a lucrative revenue source for universities. In fact, 100% of the Top 50 US Universities offer professional programs [4]. Others are recognizing the advantages of marketing to this demographic. To stay competitive, your university must act swiftly to capture its share of professionals looking to upskill. Drive revenue and provide value to your institution by launching professional programs.  

Here are the top ten fastest growing occupations [5]: 

  1. Motion Picture Projectionist 
  1. Wind Turbine Service Technicians  
  1. Ushes, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Tackers 
  1. Nurse Practitioners 
  1. Solar Photovoltaic Installers 
  1. Cooks, Restaurant 
  1. Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers, and Athletes  
  1. Costume Attendants 
  1. Exercise Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors  
  1. Model Makers, Wood 

How Can Your School Launch an Online Learning Platform to Meet Professional's Needs Easily and Quickly?  

Swift adaptation of professional programs is a necessity for universities that want to drive revenue by tapping into the largely unaddressed professional learner demographic. This demographic is currently searching for upskilling options to aid their reentry into the workforce.  Additionally, as skill gaps widen, CEOs are increasingly looking for options to upskill their workforces through professional programs. 79% of CEOs are concerned about employees' lack of essential skills [6]— there has never been a better time to launch targeted professional programs and leverage your alumni relationships. The flexibility, accessibility, and value that world-class professional programs offer is guaranteed to attract professional learners and drive revenue for your institution. 

The way to launch online stackable professional programs quickly and easily at your university is to partner with an online learning platform and course content provider. Sourcing an online learning platform that provides micro-courses custom-tailored to your university is the path to success. A smart partnership is essential to ensure ROI is high and revenue increases. 

Key elements that an online learning platform and micro-course professional program must have to attract and meet the needs of professionals are: 

  • Engaging and easy to use custom branded platforms that attract new learners, build community, and brand awareness, influencing repeat business 
  • Flexible, hyper-focused micro-courses with custom, relevant, and expertly curated content for professionals 
  • Turnkey systems capable of immediate implementation with no learning curve 

Universities that launch professional programs will drive revenue and rebound from the significant losses in recent years.  

Results are closer than you think—partner with Amesite for a swift launch of world-class online learning platforms.  

Amesite Offers a Single, Easy to Use, Scalable Solution   

Launch an online learning platform that focuses on building revenue by leveraging world-class online programs targeted to busy professionals.  

Amesite is a high-tech AI-enabled online learning platform that creates custom-branded Community Learning Environments. Amesite also offers the creation of turnkey intuitive micro-courses that require no training to use. Amesite has an outstanding and industry-leading 98% retention rate across its educational programs.   

Amesite's platform is built on AI technology, advanced data analytic tools, and machine learning algorithms. This technological infrastructure allows courses to be flexible and customizable to each learner and stay factually up to date and relevant along the professional's learning journey. It also provides powerful insights to the university and the learners about how they learn in order to improve their experience. 

Partner with Amesite to drive revenue for your institution while providing professionals with excellent resources for education and upskilling. A host of self-paced, highly engaging, and intuitive courses can be ready for your learners in as little as 30 days.  

Amesite's smart, intuitive Community Learning Environments help universities thrive. Request a Demo!  

Check out some of our customer success stories and learn how Amesite helped Wayne State University deliver fully online, on-demand, and engaging learning experiences that support the professionals who are transforming the field of mobility in digital technologies of the future. 

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