What Kind of Jobs Can I Get with a Degree in Psychology?

Psychology is one of the most popular majors in college. However, unlike most majors where it’s obvious which career path to take, the scientific study of the human mind and its functions can be applied to a number of job occupations. All jobs of some sort will require working with others and having a keen insight into the mind will be invaluable to any employer. It can be a tad overwhelming with so many options. This is why we will discuss several options in depth down below such as: guidance counselor, career advisor, laboratory assistant, sales representative, public relations specialist, probations, parole officer, and teacher.

Guidance Counselor/Career Advisor
One profession option is to be a guidance counselor or a career advisor at a school or college guiding students and job hunters in paths of career, education, and self-discovery. Counselors and career advisors need to stay up to date on the latest developments in education and the workforce to provide their students with informed advice. They also provide one on one counseling. It’s the perfect career for people who enjoy helping others achieve their fullest potential.

Laboratory Assistant
A career as a laboratory assistant is great for those that have an interest in science and research. Laboratory assistants are employed by government agencies, university psychology programs, and private sector businesses that study human behavior. The overall job description is to assist in research and experimental psychology forging new grounds in the scientific field. This includes setting up and operating lab equipment, maintaining records and inventory, running tests, and assisting in the logistics and coordination of experiments and observations.

Probation and Parole Officer
There are plenty of opportunities in criminal justice. A probation and parole officer job is to supervise and work with individuals convicted of crimes. Duties include supervising inmates’ activities, providing counsel to inmates, and helping with rehabilitation. They even make recommendations to the courts and create treatment plans with drug treatment professionals and therapists based on their observations of offenders at home, work, and school settings. 

Public Relations Specialist
Public relations specialists help create and maintain favorable public brand image for the company or organization they work for. This involves some work in social media marketing to help create campaigns that encourage interactions from customers with the brand. Public relations specialists are tasked with writing and publishing press releases, scheduling media appearances and events, responding to media inquiries, and coaching clients on public communication techniques.

Sales Representative
Sales representatives are employed by companies to sell retail products, goods, and services to customers and specific marketplaces. Those employed as sales reps need to have a deep understanding of their customers’ needs in order to sell the company’s product to meet their sales goals. It is also helpful when preparing sales pitches, presentations, and other marketing tools. Those with a degree in psychology will quickly become top sales reps with their skills in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and active listening. Many sales representatives specialized in social psychology in school allowing them to have a better understanding of how people interact in social situations making them excellent at understanding the company’s ideal customers.

Another career option is to become a teacher whether it’s a general education teacher or a psychology teacher for a local or private elementary, middle, or high school. Teachers with psychology degrees have a better understanding of human development and communication, thus improving the effectiveness of their teaching. A teaching certificate is required to teach in most public and private schools. This can be achieved by enrolling in an accredited teacher education program or by contacting your state’s board of education to learn about alternative paths.

These are a few of the many professions available to those with a bachelor psychology degree. Many more can become available to those with a masters or doctorate. It’s a degree that can be applied to every aspect of life whether professional or personal. If interested in starting your own career in the field register for the Introduction to Psychology course.