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A Single, Easy-to-Use Platform for Compliance and Training

Increase the productivity of every single person in your company with the latest certifications and best-in-class analytics.

How Amesite Solves Key Problems in Professional Development Learning

Employees cannot get trained fast enough in the topics they need to succeed and lead a rewarding professional career.

Deploy a fully-managed enterprise learning platform + customized courses that enable you to deliver job-specific certifications for your staff quickly and efficiently.

Companies are slow to identify the subjects in which skills are needed to catapult themselves and their employees to success.

Identify trends and make informed decisions while upskilling your teams with comprehensive data analytics and customizable dashboards.

No more endless, boring, lonely, read-it and repeat it. Build programs that drive engagement.

Attract and keep employees engaged with social media inspired interface design and the most up-to-date content. Build the employee networks that improve your organization's success.

Enabling you to achieve more through our best platform and services

Data Analytics – Analyze trends with 24/7 dashboards, and autogenerated daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports

Track employee progress and get insight on course corrections that work.

Break down analytics at enterpise, division, job class, or employee level for the granularity you need.

Make informed decisions while upskilling your teams with actionable, real-time analytics.

Launch in 24 hours – Transition your teams online quickly and efficiently

In 24h – you launch a system that leverages the latest trends and meets employee needs.

Launch courses quickly – without ever compromising quality or substance.

Train and upskill your teams with a platform that requires zero training.

Ease of Use – Attract and keep employees engaged with social media-inspired interface

Incentivize your management and teams to interact and engage productively with each other using upvotes and endorsements.

Gain first-class communication tools with built-in video conferencing and messaging functionality.

Reduce training times – often to zero minutes – with intuitive interface design. Transition effortlessly with full vendor support from Amesite.

Customizable Dashboards – Content curation from reliable sources that you control

Gain first-class communication tools with built-in video conferencing and messaging functionality.

Broadcast important information to your team on a platform branded to you

Analyze trends over time – using customizable dashboards that instantly tell you how your employees are learning

What Our Customers Say

"I needed to understand Blockchain—and Wayne State, and Amesite, delivered. The material was fantastic, I engaged with experts and peers, and everything about the Amesite platform—the design, operation, automation, customization and customer service—was outstanding."

-Mark Lazar, Director of Innovation at Medical Network One, Wayne State University, Blockchain Certificate

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